Enbridge Line 3

Minnesota has an opportunity to stop an unnecessary and ill-advised crude oil pipeline project in our state, called Enbridge Line 3. It would run from Alberta, through 337 miles of northern Minnesota, to Superior, Wisconsin.

Who is Enbridge? Enbridge is a large energy transportation business with several tar sands crude oil pipelines running through Minnesota. Enbridge has a poor safety track record. Notably, it was responsible for a 2010 pipeline rupture that spilled  more than one million gallons of heavy tar sands crude oil into a tributary of the Kalamazoo River, according to Wikipedia. Its impact was felt 25 miles down river. By 2014, the cleanup costs topped $1.2 billion. The largest inland oil spill in U.S. history happened on Enbridge Line 3 near Grand Rapids, Minn., and would have been much worse but it happened in winter when the ground and rivers were frozen.

What’s the Problem? The current Enbridge Line 3 is failing. Enbridge wants to abandon it in the ground, leaving it for someone else to clean up later. It wants to install a new and larger pipeline through northern Minnesota along a new route, cutting through the Mississippi headwaters region as well as prime wild rice areas. Canadian tar sands mining deforests land, pollutes air and water, and does great harm to indigenous communities. Minnesota’s environmental impact statement said the tar sands pumped through the proposed Line 3 would create $287 billion in “social costs to carbon” over the next 30 years. That reflects climate change costs to agriculture, human health, increased flooding, etc. That is a huge price to pay, especially considering the United States already is a net exporter of refined petroleum. We do not need this pipeline for our energy security. The Minnesota section of the pipeline violates treaty rights and creates unnecessary environmental risks from pipeline ruptures.

Who decides on the project? The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has the final say on the project, unless the legislature intervenes. (Last session there was an bill to take the decision out of the PUC’s hands, which did not pass. Another attempt to circumvent the process could be tried when the Legislature reconvenes in February.)

The project needs two key approvals. It needs an approved environmental impact statement (EIS) and it needs approval for a “Certificate of Need” and “Route Permit.”Each of those issues are before two different administration law judges who will make recommendations to the PUC.

Environmental Impact Statement: The ALJ in this case has recommended finding the EIS “adequate.” This is a bad decision. The EIS is faulty and needs to be redone. The PUC will vote on this issue Dec. 7. Event if approved, environmental and indigenous groups could challenge that approval in court.

Certificate of Need: The public comment period is over, and so is the contested case hearing, a quasi judicial process with witnesses and cross examination. The ALJ assigned to this issue has not yet made a recommendation. The PUC is expected to take a final vote on the Certificate of Need in April.

Below are resources to help you understand the proposal and why it is a bad idea for Minnesota.

Final Environmental Impact Statement Minnesota Department of Commerce

Information Sheets:

Honor the Earth

Sierra Club North Star Chapter

Other Websites

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