Indigenous Prayer Camp in Canada Opposes Line 3; Kinder Morgan Pipeline, Oil Tanker Traffic, Threatens Orcas

Passing along a couple of items from my inbox: An indigenous prayer camp in Manitoba will oppose the Line 3 at the U.S. boarder crossing and a new Canadian tar sands crude oil pipeline to British Columbia will threaten the already stressed orcas in Puget Sound because of the increased oil tanker traffic it will generate.

Spirit of the Buffalo Camp, an indigenous prayer camp in Manitoba, aims to stop Line at the U.S.-Canadian border, according to a news account posted Wednesday by the CBC:

An Indigenous prayer camp has been set up near the Canada-U.S. border along the Enbridge Line 3 oil pipeline in an effort to stop construction of its replacement.

There were five people at the Spirit of Buffalo camp near Gretna, Man., 100 kilometres south of Winnipeg, shortly after noon Wednesday.

Geraldine McManus, a Dakota two-spirit person at the camp, says they can see the crews working on the pipeline on the U.S. side of the border, where the pipeline replacement received approval on June 28.

Comment: That construction appears to be in North Dakota, not Minnesota, according to one report.

Next, the New York Times reports on the decline of orcas and the new threat they face in the Kinder Morgan tar sands crude oil pipeline. The Times story, Orcas of the Pacific Northwest Are Starving and Disappearing, starts by talking about how the orcas are suffering because of the dwindling numbers of king salmon, a food source for them. The orcas typically eat 30 a day, the story said.

Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee is trying to respond to the problem, saying: “I believe we have orcas in our soul in this state,” the story said.

But the pressure on orcas is going to get worse, the story said:

The recent agreement between the Canadian government and Kinder Morgan to expand the Trans Mountain Pipeline would multiply oil tanker traffic through the orcas’ habitat by seven times, according to some estimates, and expose them to excessive noise and potential spills. Construction is set to begin in August, despite opposition from Governor Inslee and many environmentalists.

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