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The Walker Art Center bought the artwork Scaffold to include in its newly expanded Sculpture Garden. It was an extremely controversial piece, and when the Garden reopened in 2017, the Scaffold was gone.

The two-story tall sculpture included seven different historic gallows; it is supposed to be a commentary on capital punishment. However, the sculpture’s most prominent feature was the gallows used to hang 38 Dakota men in Mankato in the wake of the 1862 Dakota-U.S. War — the largest mass hanging in U.S. history. Minnesota is Dakota homeland. Neither the artist nor the Walker thought to ask Dakota people for their reaction.

“Scaffold” sculpture will be removed from the Walker Sculpture Garden.

As it was being erected, Scaffold was quickly engulfed in controversy as Dakota people and their allies protested the artwork. The Walker and the artist Sam Durant have both issued public apologies for not being aware of how this would affect the Dakota community. The Walker agreed to remove the sculpture following mediated talks with Dakota elders.

The wood from the sculpture was given to the Dakota people. It was buried in an unspecified location.

At the time, the Walker began discussions with Dakota artists about a piece of artwork either to replace Scaffold or to exhibit elsewhere on the Center’s campus. It will look for institutional changes so this kind of decision doesn’t happen again.

Months after the controversy calmed down, Olga Viso resigned as Walker’s executive director.

The issue of cultural appropriation is not unique to the Walker. Many institutions lack diverse voices in leadership that could help flag problems and be more inclusive in decision making.

Dakota leaders have organized a group called Oyate Hotanin, or Indigenous Estate, a community response to Scaffold and multiple incidents of invisibility and disregard of Native artists, narratives and images. According to its Facebook page: “We are working to host regular artistic events and imbed community conversations in these events to develop a movement in Indian country that supports a new era of art, healing and change.”

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