In September, 2020 the Minnesota Council of Church’s Board voted unanimously to launch a multi-year effort at truth telling, education and repair with Indigenous and African American communities. The goals include building relationships, creating an accurate, common narrative of our history, and bringing about systemic change.

Healing Minnesota Stories is a Council initiative. This blog will explore differing aspects of reparations work, past and present, along with lessons learned. Below find our previous blogs.

April 6, 2023: One church’s journey towards making reparations, Part 2: Widening the lens on what reparations means

April 4, 2023: One church’s journey towards making reparations, Part 1: Our Saviour’s Lutheran started by building it into its annual budget

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Dec. 12, 2022: Religion of Whiteness, Part I: What survey data says about White Christians’ attitudes about race and privilege

May 21, 2022: Reparations: Royalties for black spirituals, historic $31.5B settlement in Canada, and more

April 4, 2022: City of Saint Paul reparations efforts move forward, community meetings set

Nov. 4, 2021: Good words will not give me back my children: Truth telling and historical recovery as the foundations for racial justice

Sept. 30, 2021: Momentum is building for truth telling and healing around the cultural genocide that took place in Indian Boarding Schools and the trauma that continues today

July 12, 2021: Rev. Pamela Ngunjiri will help lead the Minnesota Council of Churches’ truth telling and reparations work

April 6, 2021: Jesuits pledge $100 million to atone for slave labor and sales

March 14, 2021: One church’s path towards reparations: Donating its property tax equivalent to Black- and Indigenous-led organizations.

Feb. 18, 2021: Holocaust survivors continue to receive German reparations payments to this day

Feb. 3, 2021: Indigenous organization seeks church partners for truth telling, healing, around Indian boarding school trauma

Jan. 15, 2021: Reparations start with letting go of our myths

Jan. 11, 2021: Minneapolis announces Truth and Reconciliation Working Group

Jan. 5, 2021: U.S. reparations efforts: Japanese internment camps during WW II and the Civil Liberties Act of 1988

Dec. 13, 2020: Federal government to return (some) stolen lands to the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe

Oct. 20, 2020: MN Council of Churches makes anti-racism core to its work, launches multi-year truth and reparations effort.

Sept. 26, 2020: MN Council of Churches to launch community process for truth telling, repair around the historic harms done to Native American, African American communities

July 21, 2020: Environmental groups are embracing racial justice as central to their work

Dec. 31, 2018: A People’s Hearing on Minnesota Reparations Legislation, Friday, Jan. 4