One thought on “When it comes to Enbridge Line 3, the scales of justice are badly out of balance

  1. Sheriff Dan Guida is nothing but a tool of the Enbridge Corporation. Like a mall cop, he was paid by a corporation to protect their property. He has zero concern for “public safety”, or the safety of citizens of Aitkin County. He claims to be a man stuck in the middle, trying to keep people safe; but this was only one of the numerous lies he spilled across the airwaves and social media as a shill for the Northern Lights Task Force. This man and his underlings surveilled and harassed water protectors across the north, jailing over 800 people for protecting the water. He abridged 1st amendment rights and treaty law numerous times- always at the behest of Enbridge Corporation.

    One fact your article fails to explore is the fact that people went door to door in Palisade warning neighbors to stay inside on the cold Jan day we had our event in Palisade. I imagine Guida would claim he knows nothing about it, as he didn’t know anything about a Homeland Security helicopter threatening water protectors, as he didn’t know anything about cops entering a camp at the sacred lodge in Palisade, using hi powered flashlights to illuminate the tents and frighten the women inside. Yeah, the facts often elude Guida, but he’ll give you a folksy story any ‘ol time.

    And, a final note, the dupe from the Sheriff’s dept talks about the meaning of Ojibwe word gwayakwaadiziwin which translates to honesty. Until Sheriff Guida spends more time examining his blatant lies, he should keep this Ojibwe word out of his mouth.


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