Nawayee Center School Robbed and Vandalized, Fundraiser Created for Repairs

Over the Thanksgiving weekend Nawayee Center School, a 7-12th grade school that serves primarily Native American youth in the Philips neighborhood of Minneapolis was broken into and robbed.

The intruders trashed the school, destroyed beautiful artwork that students had been working on for months, stole the field trip vans, and even took the pet hamster. The staff, students, and families of Nawayee Center School are deeply saddened by this devastating incident. Center School staff is asking for your help in raising money to cover the loss of supplies, as well as money towards the restoration of the damaged building.

Here is the Go Fund Me page. In two days, the campaign exceeded its $10,000 goal, but it is an under resourced school. Everything helps. (Note to HMS friends: Long-time Healing Minnesota Stories member Bob Klanderud is on staff at Nawayee.)

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