Governor Dayton to Host “First-in-the-Nation” Tribal Youth Gathering

Gov. Mark Dayton will host what is being called a first-in-the-nation statewide gathering to focus on Native youth, their leadership skills, and community building. The idea is growing out of Generation Indigenous (Gen-I), a federal program launched during the Obama administration.

Dayton has appointed a 22-member Native Youth Steering Committee to guide the event planning. Youth were selected by leaders of Minnesota’s 11 tribal nations, along with Minneapolis and St. Paul Public Schools Youth Councils.

Native youth (ages 14-24) need to apply to participate in the July 27 gathering. The youth apply by  completing the Gen-I Challenge by June 30. The Challenge is a pledge from Native American youth to make a positive difference in their communities (details below).

Comment: I’m pretty sure tribal youth have been gathering from around the state for generations at Pow Wows and other indigenous-led events that support their leadership and build community. I’m guessing what Dayton means to say is that this is the first time state leaders have convened such a gathering with a goal to listen to Native youth and encourage their good works in the community. Props to Dayton for convening the event.

Here is the media release from Dayton’s office: Continue reading