Using Intellectual Property Laws to Protect Indigenous Traditional Knowledge and Other News Stories

The World Intellectual Property Organization, a part of the United Nations, is focusing on how to use the Intellectual Property system (patents, copyrights, trade secrets, etc.) to protect indigenous knowledge “from misappropriation and exploitation,” according to a story on the website “Intellectual Property Watch.”

It’s a complicated topic, but the story provides some concrete applications:

One of the examples is from Australia, where a collaborative research project led to a patent. The Chuulangun Aboriginal Corporation and the University of South Australia undertook research based on bush medicine plants. Certain compounds were identified to be used in the treatment of inflammation. Patent applications were filed and a patent was granted to the University of South Australia and the Chuulangun Aboriginal Corporation. Through the agreements signed and the patent jointly owned, both patent owners can decide how the compounds are commercialised, and will share the commercial benefits.

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