Victory in Protecting Effigy Mound Near Afton; NJ Town Deems Tipis “Permanent Structures” in Order to Ban Them

The City of Afton is going to reroute its planned sewage project so pipes won’t run through the Rattlesnake Effigy Mound, a sacred site for Native peoples, according to the group Protect Valley Creek.

In an online statement, it said:

The Rattlesnake Mound was a main source of concern in the initial stages of this campaign, as Afton’s plans showed several sewage pipes being drilled through its outline. It appears the hard work carried out during tribal consultation with Afton appears to be moving in the right direction—preserving the Rattlesnake Mound. Afton recently announced that it would be avoiding any construction near the main body of the mound, rerouting pipes away from the mound, and having a smaller stormwater pond! Victory!

Protect Valley Creek still raises concerns about the project, including damage to indigenous artifacts in the area where the city plans to put the sewage drainage field. Read the statement for more details. Continue reading