MMIW Task Force seeks public comments, the opiod crisis for Native Americans in Minnesota, and more

In this blog:

  • Public comments sought for Minnesota’s Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women’s Task Force
  • MPR: ‘How can we prevent the heart from breaking?’ White Earth reviews opioid overdose deaths
  • Do businesses see stopping pipeline oil spills as a moral imperative, or are spills just an inexpensive cost of doing business?

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Hiawatha encampment: Lessons in unintended consequences

This is the first in a series looking back at the 2018 homeless encampment along Hiawatha and Franklin avenues.

David Hewitt, Director of the Office to End Homelessness in Hennepin County, recalls attending a meeting of the National Alliance to End Homelessness in July of 2018 where the topic of conversation turned to the challenges of large homeless encampments.

Hewitt recalls saying the county had issues with homeless people riding the transit system as a form of shelter, “but we don’t have large encampments in Minneapolis.”

That was about to change.

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