Latest Absurdity: War Zone Missile Launchers Used to Scare Water Protectors

The North Dakota National Guard has taken the bizarre and extraordinary step of installing surface-to-air missile launchers near the Oceti Sakowin camp opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), according to reports in both The Daily Beast and Fox News.

It is the latest move in the overly militarized response to the water protectors. Those opposing the pipeline already have suffered attacks with high pressure water hoses in freezing temperatures, concussion grenades, and rubber bullets. The addition of missile launchers is nothing other than an effort at “Shock and Awe” against U.S. citizens, the vast majority of whom have opposed the pipeline in a peaceful and prayerful manner.

The National Guard downplayed the presence of these intimidating weapons, saying they were not loaded and the Guard “does not have the authority to arm them,” according to The Daily Beast.

No matter how the National Guard spins it, this is about intimidation.

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#No DAPL Update: Shimmer of Hope: Construction Delays Possible; Bad News: Use of Rubber Bullets Inhumane, Unnecessary

The camp is filled with signs and flags, large and smallThe Indigenous Environmental Network has posted a video with hopeful news about efforts to delay — and eventually stop — the Dakota Access Pipeline. Meanwhile, the Water Protectors are facing rubber bullets, mace and concussion grenades. And Winona LaDuke sends an Open Letter to members of North Dakota’s law enforcement and National Guard appealing to their conscience. Continue reading