Updates on the Chauvin trial, Line 3

Image shown on the livestream while court is in recess.

Jury selection for Derek Chauvin’s murder trial got delayed at least a day, as procedural issues were sent to the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Jury selection could start as early as tomorrow.

Here’s the link to watch a livestream of court proceedings.

Today, the court proceedings included several long recess periods. During those down times, the livestream focused on the image of the Minnesota State Seal in the courtroom.

It seemed like a poor choice.

The backdrop of Chauvin’s trial is racial injustice: The murder of George Floyd, another in a string of black man killed by police. The State Seal is a symbol of racial injustice, too. It shows a Native American man on horseback riding west, displaced from his ancestral lands by newly arriving white settlers. To be blunt, it’s an image of Manifest Destiny and white supremacy which state leaders have failed to change.

They should pick a different image to feature during recess.

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