MN Indian Women’s Resource Center May Save Kateri Residence

Kateri Residence

Good news to report, following up on a Dec. 4 blog where we reported that St. Stephens Human Services was planning to close Kateri Residence, a transitional housing program in south Minneapolis for Native American women in recovery.

The Southwest Journal is now reporting that the Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center (MIWRC) is interested in taking over the program. The article quotes Patina Park, executive director of MIWRC, as follows:

The work they are doing fits within our mission, so it’s definitely viable. It really is going to be a matter of whether the funds can be raised, and I think they can. … I think there is enough people who don’t want to see that program go away and understand how vital it is. Because what it comes down to is that’s providing housing for people who may be homeless without it.

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Kateri Residence for Native American Women in Recovery to Close Next Year

Kateri Residence in Minneapolis’ Whittier neighborhood.

Very sad news: In these most affluent of times — with the stock market at record levels and tax cuts for millionaires on the policy priority list — Kateri Residence, a program serving Native women in recovery, will close at the end of June. Kateri is a program of St. Stephens Human Services, and St. Stephens Executive Director Gail Dorfman said in an interview this morning that the program is no longer financially sustainable.

St. Stephens is working on a transition plan for the current residents and is trying to find a non-profit housing partner to keep the services going, she said

According to the Kateri website:

Kateri Residence is for Native American women (over 18 years old) recovering from addiction. Priority is given to Native American women that are pregnant, have small children in their custody and/or exiting treatment or corrections, but non-Native women may apply if willing to follow a program with this cultural emphasis.

(According to my friend Monica Nilsson’s Facebook post, Kateri “was the first program developed by the good people of Saint Stephen’s Catholic Church, now worshipping as the Spirit of Saint Stephens Catholic Community.”)

Kateri is a four-unit brownstone in the Whittier neighborhood (facing the I-35W sound barrier wall). Staff lives in one unit. The other three units are for women in recovery. Currently there are three single adults and four families in those three units. Women and families can stay for up to two years.

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