Workshops on Parallel Trauma and Line 3, Feb. 8-10

The Clouds in Water Zen Center is offering three free online workshops next week that will put the construction of the Enbridge Line 3 tar sands pipeline in the broader context of the historical trauma suffered by Indigenous people from centuries of U.S. genocidal policies, and the little-discussed parallel trauma of the perpetrators who have done such great harm.

While by no means comparable traumas, both victims and perpetrators need healing. Indigenous women will lead all three workshops, which will include presentations, small group discussions, and Q & A.

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Federal Reserve Touts Importance of Native American Language Immersion Programs

The Federal Reserve Bank just published an article discussing the importance of the Dakota and Ojibwe language revitalization work going on in our community and around the country.

The article highlights the work at Wicoie Nandagikendan, a Dakota and Ojibwe early childhood language immersion program in Minneapolis. The story ran Friday in the Federal Reserve’s publication “Community Dividend,” written by economist Rob Grunewald. The headline reads: “Early childhood Native language immersion develops minds, revitalizes cultures: Learning their indigenous languages from a very young age may prepare Native American children for success in school and life, with benefits spilling over to their families and communities.” Continue reading