Landowner forces closed a camp for unhoused Indigenous women; it has nowhere to go

Camp Nenoocaasi for unhoused Indigenous women was forced to close.

Three days before “Thanksgiving,” a squatters camp of unhoused Indigenous women in South Minneapolis is closing following the property owner’s demand to leave.

Camp Nenoocaasi (Ojibwe for hummingbird) had provided a safe space for Indigenous women since Sept. 19. It was located on the site of an abandoned Speedway gas station at East 25th Street and Bloomington Avenue South. It was serving 30-35 women.

The camp got notice last week it needed to leave on Monday, said Erica Whitaker, one of the camp’s volunteers.

Rather than be forcibly removed, volunteers began packing up tents and other supplies this morning.

“We don’t have anywhere to go right now,” Whitaker said. “I acknowledge and understand property rights. But these women, this is their land to begin with.”

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Unhoused Indigenous women’s camp faces eviction, asks for show of public support Monday

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Camp Nenoocaasi (Hummingbird) at 25th and Bloomington. Organizers asked no photos be taken inside the camp for security reasons.

Nenoocaasi, a camp for unhoused Indigenous women, is asking for a public show of support during the day Monday as it faces eviction.

Community members helped organize the camp, located at the vacant Speedway gas station at 25th and Bloomington Ave. S. in Minneapolis. The camp is behind the chain-link fence surrounding the property.

Erica Whitaker, one of the camp’s volunteers, said representatives of the city and the property owner will come to camp Monday to get them to leave. There will probably be police presence, she said.

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