Vizenor Resigns; Native Take on Benghazi; Treaty of Fort McIntosh; Time Lapse Map: Indian Land Loss

Vizenor Resigns as White Earth Chair Over Reform Dispute
MPR reported that White Earth Chair Erma Vizenor resigned her post Wednesday over ongoing constitutional reform disputes. Earlier  MPR coverage provided context, and was summarized in our Dec. 27 post.
A new White Earth constitution drafted by Vizenor and the tribal council would have drastically shifted the government structure and changed requirements for tribal membership. When implementation stalled, Vizenor wrote a federal official in the hopes of moving things along, a move critics said overstepped her authority.

Vizenor said critics were just trying to stop reforms.

“The Minnesota Chippewa Tribe has no separation of powers,” she said. “It’s open to corruption. We need change, but they don’t want to lose power.”

A Native Take on Benghazi — and The Pride of the Chinook Nation

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