Support Standing Rock Youth and Updates on the Dakota Access Pipeline

Efforts to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline have drawn attention across the country. As you will read below, the Quakers in the Baltimore region have been moved to take a stand. The publicity from the pipeline also has highlighted other problems in Indian Country.

For example, a group of Dakota/Lakota youth credit their local Boys & Girls Club for helping them become leaders in efforts to protect land and water near the Standing Rock Reservation. They started a petition against the pipeline as well as a fundraiser on the website

These youth also say that their Club is almost out of money and could shut down. In a recent update, they wrote:

On Standing Rock, like many other reservations, there is a severe lack of opportunities and resources for Native youth to grow and learn in a safe environment. Because of this, many young people struggle with addiction, and suicide is an all too common occurrence.

One of the ways our community works to combat this is with youth groups, which provide mentoring, tutoring, and youth leadership programs for kids in Standing Rock. In fact, it’s thanks to our local Boys & Girls club that many of the young people behind this petition felt empowered to take part in the movement against the pipeline.

But if our club can’t raise enough money, it’s about to shut down for good.

Here is a link to the full post and to the fundraiser. Help if you can.

For on the pipeline, fry bread, an art competition and Quakers, keep reading.

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