U.S. Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Crow Nation’s Off-Reservation Hunting Rights

Off-reservation treaty rights to hunt, fish and gather remain an important and unresolved issue in the efforts to stop the Enbridge Line 3 tar sands crude oil pipeline.

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) voted last year to approve the pipeline, doing so over objections by Anishiaabe bands that argued the pipeline violated their treaties. Line 3 would cross a large area of land where the bands retained “usufractuary” rights, a.k.a. rights to hunt fish and gather. The PUC decided — incorrectly — that it could approve the pipeline without first having the appropriate judicial review of these treaty rights

So it should be encouraging to Native nations and Line 3 opponents that the U.S. Supreme Court today upheld the Crow Nation’s off-reservation hunting rights, granted under the 1868 treaty, in the case of Clayvin Herrera v. Wyoming.

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May 31 Hearing Set to Comment on PUC’s Public Engagement Process

The Office of Legislative Auditor has set a public hearing to take comments on the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission’s (PUC’s) public engagement process. It will be Friday, May 31, 10 – 11 a.m. in the Minnesota State Office Building, 100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, Room 10.

The May 31 hearing won’t be the only opportunity for the public to comment. People can submit comments online through the Legislative Auditor’s website or by e-mailing team leader Laura Schwartz directly at laura.schwartz@state.mn.us. Legislative Auditor staff also will be conducting one-on-one interviews. Continue reading

Clean Energy: The Other Half of the Effort to Stop Enbridge Line 3

Rally for 100% Clean Energy at the Minnesota State Capitol Rotunda.

… And massive fossil fuel subsidies make a compelling case to speed up clean energy production

This blog has spent a lot of energy arguing against Enbridge Line 3 because of its threat to Minnesota’s clean waters, to treaty rights, and to our climate. But stopping Line 3 is only half our work. We also need to provide clean, renewable energy to fuel our economy.

So it was fun this evening to attend a rally with a positive outlook for the future. Hundreds of people rallied in the Capitol Rotunda to promote 100 percent clean energy in the state. Continue reading

In Bizarro World, Water Protectors Are Scary, Climate Change Is Not

Photo: Ginew Collective Facebook Page

This morning, one person was arrested at Enbridge’s headquarters in Superior, Wisc., an action timed to protest Enbridge’s annual shareholder meeting in Calgary where the company no doubt was praising its proposed new Line 3 project. The water protector was suspended from a tripod and hung there until the local Fire Department came and brought him down.

It was part of an ongoing protest against the Line 3 tar sands crude oil pipeline. It would cross 340 miles of northern Minnesota, ultimately connecting to a terminal in Superior. Line 3 would cross more than 200 Minnesota water bodies (including the Mississippi headwaters), threaten treaty rights and create as much climate damage as approving 50 new coal-fired energy plants.

Today’s action offers a small metaphor for how distorted the public thinking has become on these issues. Somehow Anthony Graham (Chumash), the person suspended from the tripod, was seen as the threat requiring a heavy police response instead of the much more dangerous pipeline.

“I stand in solidarity with my relatives up north and across Turtle Island,” Graham said in a media release from the Ginew Collective. “This is for the future. We have to be brave and fight. The oil industry is trying to grow when we know climate change is killing us. No more tar sands.”

Here’s an update on today’s actions and reflections on what is and is not a threat. Continue reading

Pro Line 3 Group Drops $247,000 on Facebook Ads; MN Senate Proposes New Felonies for Pipeline Opponents

A pro-Enbridge Line 3 pipeline group spent nearly a quarter of a million dollars since November on Facebook ads to sway Minnesotans’ perceptions of this unnecessary and risky project.

Meanwhile, the Minnesota Senate today approved new felony crimes for those who trespass on pipeline property or damage pipeline equipment or property.

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News and Events: Prairie Island’s Net-Zero Carbon Plan, Good Friday Justice Walk, Pine Ridge Needs Flood Aid, and More

Current news and events coming into our Inbox:

  • Prairie Island Makes Strong Case for State Aid to Get to Net Zero Carbon Emissions
  • Good Friday: Justice Walk of the Stations of the Cross, April 19 — From the Site of the Dakota Concentration Camp of 1862-63 to Immigration Court
  • Water Music Concert, April 23, at Augsburg University, connecting water and spirituality across religious traditions
  • Pine Ridge Needs Flood Relief Help
  • Flooding Threatens Pipelines

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