Events: ‘Communities by the Water’ event celebrating the love of clean water, benefits for Line 3 legal defense fund, and more

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  • Communities by the Water, a gathering and response to extractive projects such as Enbridge Line 5, June 25
  • “Music for the Movement” benefits for the “Stop Line 3 Legal Defense Fund,” April 10 and 18
  • Community Conversation about the future of the Upper Lock at Owámniyomni, St. Anthony Falls, April 12
  • Support Ron Turney!
  • A bit of wisdom

Communities by the Water, a response to extractive projects such as Enbridge Line 5 June 25

Save the Date: Community by the Water is hosting a day-long event on Saturday, June 25, to honor water protectors, share food and music, network and socialize, and speak to the current moment we are in, where the continued development and use of fossil fuels threaten our very existence.

The event will be held at Bayview City Park, 1803 East Lake Shore Drive, in Ashland, WI, which is just north of the Enbridge Line 5 pipeline route. Enbridge is now trying to rebuild, reroute, and expand Line 5 just as it did for Line 3 in Minnesota.

This event is about more than Line 5. Confining the event to Line 5 diminishes the umbrella of the movement towards Green Energy and sensible fossil fuel reductions, local community organizations say. They are organizing the event out of love for pristine clean water, in all forms. (Poster here.)

Those attending include water protectors from the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) and Line 3 resistance, and those currently working to stop Enbridge’s effort to bore a Line 5 tunnel under the Great Lakes at the Straits of Mackinac in Michigan.

Communities by the Water is a coalition of grass roots groups rooted in the deep indigenous history of Treaty Territory. They are Native Tribal Nations, local landowners, family farmers, small business owners, and others mobilizing to protect the Penokee Hills, the Bad River watershed and Lake Superior.

Benefits for the Stop Line 3 Legal Defense Fund

Two events are planned to raise money for the Line 3 Legal Defense Fund, as some defendants for Line 3 resistance move into Spring and Summer trials. The benefits are being organized by Eoin Small (the guy with the “Stop Line 3” bus and founder of Seek Joy).

Dates and Times are:

Community Conversation about the future of the Upper Lock at Owámniyomni, St. Anthony Falls, April 12

Join Friends of the Falls and the Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI) on Tuesday, April 12 as they hold their third conversation about the future of the Upper Lock at Owámniyomni, St. Anthony Falls. This one’s titled: “Restoring A Story Disrupted.”

Native leaders Robert Lilligren and Carrie Day Aspinwall will be joined by Native Partnership Council members Shelley Buck and Maggie Lorenz, as well as Greg Lais and David Malda.

People can attend virtually or in person. Registration is required for both.

The event will be held at Treasure Island Resort & Casino, 5734 Sturgeon Lake Rd., Welch, MN in the Chief Wabasha ballroom. Come at 4:30 p.m. to grab a bite to eat. The conversation goes from 5-7 p.m.

In a Roundtable format, they’ll ask: What can this place become? What can and should happen here? What are the unique opportunities of this place that support our goal of restoring a story disrupted? Food and beverage provided for in-person guests, as well as raffle giveaways!

Ron Turney fundraiser for ongoing monitoring of Line 3

Just a reminder: Please kick in some money to support Ron Turney (White Earth) who has been diligently monitoring and documenting what Enbridge’s Line 3 “destruction project” has done to wetlands, rivers, and aquifers. Using drones, he’s monitoring the Line 3 route, looking for aquifer breaches or frac outs that the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Enbridge either missed or ignored.

A bit of wisdom …

@RelentlessIndigenousWoman posted the following: “When you learn about ‘Indian’ Residential/Boarding Schools, you are not learning about Indigenous peoples, you are learning about Christianity.”

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