Share your own stories, art for the ‘Stop Line 3 Storytelling Anthology’

Gitchi-gami Gathering to Stop Line 3, Duluth, Sept. 28, 2019.

Healing Minnesota Stories was founded on the belief in the healing and transformative power of stories. So we were happy to learn that three terrific women in the Stop Line 3 movement — Genna Mastellone, Dio Cramer, and Emma Harrison — are seeking stories, photos, doodles, poems, to share as part of the Stop Line 3 Storytelling Anthology.

It’s “a memento to and a celebration of this tremendous era of resistance,” their website said.

The anthology will be shared publicly and widely. Authors’ names will be kept anonymous.

The first submission deadline is November 15th. At that point, the organizers will decide whether to do more outreach. They hope to have the final collection ready by next spring.

Written submissions should be between 50-1,000 words. Click here for the submissions page.

March to Camp Fire Light as part of the Treaty People Gathering, June 7, 2021.

“Our personal experiences in the movement have been so mixed, from rewarding to ridiculous, inspiring to painful; simultaneously the hardest and the most special thing we’ve ever been a part of,” their website says. “We imagine that all of you, the frontliners, the artists, the cooks, the medics, the fundraisers, the researchers, and more, have had your own tremendous, challenging, and life-changing experiences while fighting Line 3. …

“We do not want the profound moments, silly stories, or heartbreaking challenges to be lost, but collected and commemorated. We know we cannot capture everything, and this project cannot speak for the whole movement, but we want to gather what we can to share with you all.”

See the website for more details, Stop Line 3 Storytelling Anthology.

Please share this invitation with your friends in the movement.

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