Indigenous leaders calling on allies to come north and stand with them against Line 3

[CORRECTION: This blog was updated to indicate that Line 3 construction could be completed in three weeks, based on Enbridge’s reported data. Enbridge itself didn’t make that claim.]

Based on Enbridge’s progress reports to the state, if it’s able to maintain its current construction pace, all Line 3 pipe will be in the trenches and buried in approximately two to three weeks. Enbridge has made public statements that it expects to start running the pipeline by the fourth quarter of the year.

Front line camps (resistance camps, prayer camps, treaty camps) are asking for people to come north and stand in solidarity.

Screen grab of drone video. Shell River upper left. Drilling pad center right. Note extensive clear cutting.

RISE (Resilient Indigenous Sisters Engaging) has issued a call for people to come to the La Salle Campground in northern Minnesota to protect the wild rice waters July 19-31.

According to their Facebook Post, restrictions on drilling under waterways where wild rice grows ended Wednesday. Supporters are invited to come hold space, stand in solidarity, and honor the treaty obligations we all share. Come and be ready to go where needed. (Please pack light, and plan to camp and be self-sufficient: this means bring a tent, food, and clothing for hot, variable weather).

RISE understands that some folks have financial barriers and it will do its best to provide limited support to those who are in need. Keep in mind that the location doesn’t always allow space for extra supplies. “Together we will protect the sacred while we defend our Treaties,” RISE said.

Honor the Earth has put out a call for people to come to the Shell City campground. Line 3 will cross under the Shell River in five places. Water protectors are camping near the easternmost crossing where Line 3 drilling has started. See video.

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