Acknowledging my mistake, thankful for the reminder

Dear Readers: It’s important to admit when you make a mistake and this is one of those times.

I have gotten deserved push back on yesterday’s blog on the looming March 8 trial of Derek Chauvin, who’s charged with the murder of George Floyd. That post leaned heavily on a statement from the city of Minneapolis about its plans to reopen 38th and Chicago — George Floyd Square — after the trial.

Several friends have written, upset the blog lacked any community voices critical of the city’s plans. It was a great reminder. A hallmark of this blog is that it centers marginalized voices and stories, not institutional ones. I understand why people reading the blog felt I had broken trust with that mission.

I rushed to run a piece of news the traditional media was reporting anyway. I regret not holding off until I could center community voices to provide critical perspective and shape the story. A follow-up is in the works. Thanks to everyone who wrote for getting me to refocus on what’s core to the blog.

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