As the end of the internal combustion engine comes into focus, ongoing pressure to stop Line 3 and DAPL

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  • Car caravan to Stop Line 3 Friday, Feb. 5 in Hill City
  • Decision day for DAPL next Wednesday
  • Reason #476 to reject Line 3 and DAPL: Gas is becoming worthless
  • Hiding behind the “trade secret” label
  • LaDuke’s annual missive of mockery to Monaco: ‘Do you miss me? It’s hard not to miss you.’
  • Line 3 Hot Potato: The Video

Car caravan Friday and other Line 3 updates

Water Protectors against Line 3 will rally with a major car caravan Friday, noon to 3 p.m., starting in Hill City (35541 MN-200). Facebook page here.

Can’t make it but want to participate virtually? TakeAction Minnesota will have a live feed on its Facebook Page. Watch here.

The event caps off a week that included lockdowns and arrests along the pipeline route, a Minnesota Court of Appeals ruling rejecting tribal requests for a stay in Line 3 construction, plus a letter to President Biden from U.S Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minneapolis), asking him to cancel Line 3 just as he did the Keystone project.

In addition, more than 250 legislators, faith and community leaders, and national figures signed an Open Letter to Gov. Walz opposing Line 3 in a full page Star Tribune ad.

Decision day for DAPL next Wednesday

The judge overseeing a key Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) lawsuit set a Feb. 10 hearing for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to explain whether or not DAPL needs to shut down given recent court rulings.

District Judge James Boasberg ruled last April that the Corps had not adequately reviewed the risks of an oil spill near Standing Rock, where the pipeline crosses under the Missouri River at Lake Oahe. Energy Transfer Partners, which operates DAPL, appealed to the federal appeals court, and continued operating the pipeline.

The federal appeals court upheld Boasberg’s decision Jan. 26, effectively voiding DAPL’s federal easement.

Now, DAPL not only lacks a needed federal permit to continue operating, but the Indigenous Environmental Network reports that DAPL also lost insurance coverage in Iowa.

The Dakota People’s Law Project is putting on a full-court press to get President Biden and the Army Corps of Engineers to end DAPL once and for all. Sign its petition here.

Reason #476 to reject Line 3 and DAPL: Gas is becoming worthless

This from Yahoo!Finance, Feb. 2:

New research from Morgan Stanley argues that traditional internal combustion engines—the mainstay of automobiles for more than a century—are destined to become money-losers as early as 2030. “We believe the market may be ascribing zero (or even negative?) value for ICE-derived [internal combustion engine] revenues at GM and Ford,” auto analyst Adam Jonas wrote in a Jan. 29 analysis. He lists a variety of factors likely to “transform what were once profit-generating assets into potentially loss-making and cash-burning businesses.”

Hiding behind the “trade secret” label

Throughout the Line 3 review process, Enbridge filings has used the “trade secret” or “non-public data” label to keep information from the public. The latest is Enbridge’s compliance filing to meet insurance conditions.

Click on the link. It’s all blacked out.

Honor the Earth tried unsuccessfully to get Enbridge to publicly release its insurance information.

If Line 3 truly is a “public utility,” it should show its cards. Why shouldn’t members of the public have the right to scrutinize Enbridge’s insurance policies to make sure the state is adequately protected. We still don’t know what Enbridge uses for “diluent,” a trade secret and presumably toxic mix of chemicals used to thin the viscous tar sands crude so it can flow through pipelines.

LaDuke’s annual mocking missive to Monaco: ‘Do you miss me? … It’s hard not don’t miss you.’

For a bit of light reading, check out the annual letter from Winona LaDuke to Enbridge CEO Al Monaco. Here’s the start:

Here it is Groundhog Day. Again. Just like in that movie. Appropriate, isn’t it, since I feel like I have to keep repeating myself and my actions over and over again about Line 3.

Sorry I’m a little later than usual on getting this off to you, Al, but I’ve been busy standing alongside and sometimes in front of Enbridge-authorized earth-moving equipmentthat’s currently ravaging land and threatening rivers and our waters in northern Minnesota. It’s not far from where I live. Hard to believe that it’s been a year, or a bit more since you heard from me. Do you miss me?

It’s hard not to miss you, your handiwork is everywhere in Minnesota. You should really be proud of yourself. You got all the permits for Line 3–the Pandemic Pipeline.It’s amazing!After all, adding 190million metric tons of tar sands carbon to the environment annually is really something which should not be permitted, but by golly you got it!

Line 3 Hot Potato: The Video

For a bit of lighter viewing, Science for the People created a humorous video showing how our leaders and bureaucracies have been tossing the Line 3 decision back and forth.Click here.

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