Engaged Buddhists hosting virtual training on Line 3 resistance

A training is scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 6, at 5 p.m. to help Buddhists and others interested in getting an update and getting engaged on Line 3 resistance.

There is no need to register. Here is the link to join.

Facilitators are:

  • Dawn Goodwin, RISE Coalition, Anishinaabe, White Earth
  • Nookomis Debra Topping, RISE Coalition, Anishinaabe, Fond du Lac
  • Jewell Arcoren, Sisseton Wahpeton, Dakota
  • Scott Russell, white, Healing Minnesota Stories 

Here is the organizers’ invitation:

This is a historical moment. For those of us who are not Indigenous to these lands, we have an opportunity to pivot our relationship to engage with those who are, and to the land and waters they have cared for and continue to care for.

The Anishinaabe are leading the Line 3 front-line resistance. They are doing this for the benefit of all beings, including the seven generations coming after us. Line 3 would violate their treaty rights. It would damage Minnesota’s cleanest waters and wild rice. It would worsen the world’s climate crises, harming all beings.

There is a time to practice on the cushion and a time to practice on our feet. We need to step into the responsibilities we have as dharma practitioners and show up in a good way to support this important resistance.

This is a critical moment. There are still legal efforts underway to stop Line 3. Construction has started. Enbridge is fast-tracking construction, trying to finish it before the courts intervene.

The evening zoom program will offer a brief history and current situation of Line 3, and how it relates to the land, water, indigenous nations, and all of us. We will talk to Indigenous leaders on the front lines, and what it means to honor Indigenous leadership. At the end of this conversation, you will have a deeper understanding of Line 3, and ways to become involved in this engaged practice.

This is a free event. Indigenous leaders will receive a fair stipend. Donations are requested for the following front-line groups.

In other news, it’s interesting to note that men’s magazine Esquire posted a commentary opposing Line 3 by Charles Pierce. It concludes:

All evidence indicates that projects like Enbridge are scrambling to rush construction along before a presumably more environmentally inclined administration takes over. If you can make a project into a fait accompli, you can blame the next guy when the pipeline leaks and the company lies about how bad it is.

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