Stop Line 3 webinar Tuesday features LaDuke, Houska, Goodwin and others offering ways to get involved

In other news, the Washington Football Team’s philanthropic fumble

Check out the Prepare to Care: Stop Line 3 webinar slated for this Tuesday, 6:30-9 p.m. It’s part of the multi-day Harvest the Power Justice Convergence and Teach-In sponsored by several Unitarian groups.

It’s free but you have to register. Here’s the link.

Climate justice leaders working in frontline communities across Northern Minnesota will provide updates on the Line 3 struggle, offering people ways to engage in the resistance movement. This workshop also will include information about nonviolent direct action and other creative and caring conflict intervention opportunities.

Bonus: The event will close by having participants learn a water song together.

Presenters are:

  • Winona LaDuke (White Earth), co-founder and Executive Director of Honor the Earth
  • Tara Houska (First Nation Anishinaabe), founder of the Giniw Collective
  • Gaagigeyaashiik (Dawn Goodwin, White Earth) Co-founder of RISE Coalition—Resilient Indigenous Sisters Engaging with our Allies
  • Lyz Jaakola (Fond du Lac), musician, educator, and Cloquet City Council member
  • Sharon Day (Bois Forte) water walker, second degree M’dewin, and Executive Director of Indigenous Peoples Task Force
  • Rita Chamblin, Unitarian Universalist layleader, environmental justice advocate and Northern Minnesota resident

In other news …

Scientists speak out

MinnPost ran a great critique of the state’s decision to allow this dangerous and unnecessary project to move forward. Check out MPCA sidelines science in Line 3 water permitting process.

The authors are Laura Triplett, Christine Dolph, Laalitha Surapaneni and James Doyle, scientists and health professionals involved in trying to stop the pipeline. They write:

As scientists who have worked in water resources management, geology, ecosystem assessment, energy systems, and public health, we were shocked at how independent science has been largely ignored in the permit review process.

… we cited 120 studies and reports in our public comment to the MPCA. By contrast, Enbridge employees and MPCA staff leaned almost exclusively on statements like “in my experience” during their testimony. The judge accepted — indeed, actively affirmed — that as being most valuable, thus dealing a deathblow to science’s power to protect the public.

Washington Football Team’s philanthropic fumble

The Washington Football Team made a long overdue change this past year, dropping its racist mascot. According to a report in Indian Country Today, the team now “has dumped its foundation created to help Native people.”

The team will no longer make contributions to the Original Americans Foundation and will instead focus its charitable efforts on the Washington Football Charitable Foundation, USA Today reported this week. The Washington Football Charitable Foundation will continue to assist Native communities, according to the newspaper, but it’s unclear how. …

USA Today reported that the foundation donated $3.7 million in its first year, $1.6 million in the second, $650,000 in the 2017 fiscal year, $303,000 in the 2018 fiscal year, and $0 in 2019. It’s unclear where the money was spent or which tribes benefited.

Biden-Harris Plan for Tribal Nations

In the month leading up to the election, the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris ticket released a 15-page plan for Native Nations.

“At the forefront of the plan are goals to strengthen the nation-to-nation relationship between tribal nations and the federal government by reinstating the annual White House Tribal Nations Conference, a space for tribal leaders to meet directly with the president and his staff to address issues in their communities,” according to a story in Indian Country Today.

Native people have among the highest virus infection rates in the country, and are 3.3 times more likely to die from it than White people, the story said.

The Biden-Harris plan says it will lead a decisive response, including wide availability of free testing and eliminating cost barriers to preventative care and treatment for COVID-19. “He’ll fight for the development of a safe and effective vaccine and the full production and fair distribution of necessary supplies,” the plan said. “And, he’ll ensure that reopening decisions by tribal governments are respected.”

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