Minneapolis meet and greet for Mark Charles, the only Native American running for president

Mark Charles is the only indigenous person running for president and he will be in Minneapolis Sunday, Sept. 29 for a meet and greet at the Minneapolis American Indian Center, 1530 E. Franklin Ave. Charles is Navajo and Dutch (or as he likes to say, the “wooden shoe people.”) The event will run from 5-7 p.m. A meal will be provided.

Charles is running as an Independent.

Mark Charles, screen capture.

Charles has lectured widely on the Doctrine of Discovery, the forerunner to Manifest Destiny. The Doctrine of Discovery refers to a series of 15th- and 16th-century papal edicts that provided the legal and religious justification for European monarchs to steal indigenous lands. Here is Charles 17-minute Ted Talk on the Doctrine.

Charles is running for President on the theme: “Building a nation of ‘We the People’ truly means: All the People,” according to his campaign’s website.

The Sept. 29 event will not only highlight Mark’s message, but “the power behind natives who are taking up political and government positions to facilitate change for all people,” the announcement said. “We will be discussing the power behind the native vote and the issues affecting the people of Minnesota and the rest of The United States.”

A Q&A time will follow.

For more, see our previous blog: For Indigenous Peoples, Is Full Participation in “We the People” Progress or Assimilation?

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