Clinging to the Past, Selectively, and Other Updates

In this blog:

  • Clinging to the past, selectively
  • In Montana, coal industry holds healthcare hostage for poor, indigenous people
  • Union members speak out against Line 3

Clinging to the past, selectively

Shouldn’t be surprised, but MPR ran a piece on how people remain upset about name changes such at “Fort Snelling at Bdote” or name restorations such as Bde Maka Ska, which displaced Lake Calhoun, an honorific for John C. Calhoun, a South Carolina slaveholder.

MPR offered the bold headline: Nothing irks some white people like accurate history and this intro:

The usual suspects have gotten their feelings hurt — again — because the Minnesota Historical Society has pointed out that Minnesota history didn’t begin with them.

Click on the link for the full story.

Montana leaders link support for coal and Medicaid, a threat to Indian health

According to the story: This really is a Montana debate: Support coal or else forget Medicaid, in Indian Country Today:

Conservative legislators in Montana are demanding that the coal industry get state support or else they will not support a renewal of Medicaid expansion. …

The outcome of this debate is significant to the Indian health system. One recent study found that at least 15,495 eligible American Indians have been insured through Medicaid expansion.

Click on link for full story.

Union members speak out against Line 3

One of the perceived tensions in the debate over the Enbridge Line 3 tars sands crude oil pipeline is between jobs and the environment. It’s an easy story to craft. Line 3 promises a short-term jobs spike in return for significant long-term costs in threats to water, treaty rights and climate damage.

A group of 31 union workers recently ran a paid letter to the editor in the Duluth News Tribune dispel that either/or thinking.

… we know that people can be vehemently Pro-Labor while also opposing Enbridges Line 3 project. We find it divisive, disingenuous, and destructive when politicians pit labor activists and environmental activists against each other. …

It is irresponsible to be building new pipelines to carry dirty oil while we are facing an environmental crisis that threatens our very existence.

Click on the link above for the full story.


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