Healing Minnesota Stories Launches St. Paul Racial Justice Tours May 11

This May, Healing Minnesota Stories (HMS) is launching Twin Cities Pilgrimage, a sacred journey of historical black narrative in Minnesota led by by Pastor Danny Givens. This builds on HMS’s well known for its Dakota Sacred Sites Tours, which reached over 1,200 people last year alone.

The first Twin Cities Pilgrimage tour will be May 11, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

HMS started in 2011 and the Dakota Sacred Sites Tour was our first offering. We began with a fundamental belief in the healing power of stories. The healing goes two ways, from the listener to the storyteller, and from the storyteller to the listener. Stories heal because they make invisible pain visible. The experience of learning in and from place through story has proved transformational.

Twin Cities Pilgrimage will include stories of African-American Origin, Sanctuary, Diaspora, Liberation, and Lament. Our time together will include carpooling and caravanning to a few sites in the Twin Cities Metro Area and listening to the stories that live in these spaces.

To keep this experience accessible to as many people as possible, HMS will not set a registration price but invites participants to make a donation in the range of $55-$75. To join us for the first Twin Cities Pilgrimage, scheduled for May 11, please email Director of Racial Justice Jim Bear Jacobs.

More tours will be scheduled. Stay tuned.

Healing Minnesota Stories is a program of the Minnesota Council of Churches.

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