Healing Minnesota Stories Gets Star Tribune Attention

A quick shout out about a Star Tribune article: American Indian storytelling project unearths past to educate, heal, that highlights Healing Minnesota Stories transition to the Minnesota Council of Churches. The story features our friend, Bob Klanderud, a man who doesn’t seek the spotlight but deserves our love and thanks for all the work he does.

Here’s a snipet:

Wind rustled through wildflowers as Bob Klanderud pointed down the Mississippi River valley from atop Pilot Knob Hill in Mendota Heights.

He could see the distant skyscrapers of Minneapolis and St. Paul. But he was imagining its first metropolis — villages of animal hide teepees dotting the banks.

Over many years, settlement and war annihilated such images. For Klanderud and others indigenous to the area, the wounds are still fresh. …

Telling the stories is difficult but necessary for Klanderud.

“When we stand with a live heart of Dakota descendancy and use our sacred voices with our holy words, it takes a new dimension and the healing can come,” he said. “Not for the person telling, but for all the people.”

Click on the link for the full story.

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