Indigenous Chefs Resist Media Efforts to Label Them a Trend

OK, I wasn’t going to post on Thanksgiving, but this Washington Post article seems appropriate. Headlined ‘This is not a trend’: Native American chefs resist the ‘Columbusing’ of indigenous foods, the story quotes Sean Sherman, the Sioux Chef.

The story says:

Native American chefs, whose foodways the culinary establishment has long neglected, have lately found themselves in high demand by a food media hungry to churn out trend pieces and by food-savvy urbanites eager to try cuisines they view as “exotic.” First it was Filipino food, then Hawaiian, then Jamaican. Now, recent coverage in food publications is calling Native American food the next big thing. And that’s precisely the problem.

“This is not a trend,” says Sherman. “It’s a way of life.”

Click on the link above if you want the full read.

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