Sonic Pulls Offensive “General Custard” Ad

The Sonic fast food restaurant is pulling an ad that used Indian killer Gen. George Custer as a front man, according to a story in Indian Country Media Network.

It’s not a very good ad, the only hook being the play on words between “Custer” and “Custard,” a product for which Sonic is known. The ad portrays Custer as something of an affable bumbler. Here’s the link.

Custer graduated last in his class at West Point and was court marshaled twice, according to a book review of Custer’s Trials in the Kansas City Star. He was an avowed white supremacist. He had no issue with killing Indian women and children.

It’s hard to see why anyone thought it would be a good idea for an ad. But then again, isn’t that the point? People just don’t see. The white racial frame sees only the word play, not the history or what Custer represented.

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