Breaking News: Corps of Engineers Says Pipeline Needs More Study

We usually don’t post three times a day, so we’ll keep this one short. Good news just in from NPR: Army Wants Further Study Of Dakota Access Pipeline Route.

In a joint statement by the U.S. Army and Department of the Interior, the Corps announced it had finished a review of the route, and concluded that more study was needed before it could grant the pipeline company the easement it needs to cross under a section of the Missouri River. …

Army Assistant Secretary Jo-Ellen Darcy wrote in a letter to the company and to tribal leaders that, “additional discussion with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and analysis are warranted,” reported The Associated Press, and that the discussion would include possible changes to the river crossing which could reduce the risk of an oil spill.

Remember, tomorrow (Tuesday) at noon there is a rally at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers headquarters in downtown St. Paul, part of a National Day of Action organized by indigenous and environmental groups. It will be held at neighboring Mears Park, 221 5th Street East. Event page here. Come and show your support.

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